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Management is the key to a successful, productive relationship. An account manager is provided on-site at each account location to manage the employees and maintain the daily activities of the account and the employees. Each account also has an Area Manager. The Area Manager, along with Upper Management, applies a hands-on approach.

Cleaning Products
Teen Volunteers
Janitorial Services


Restrooms – Clean, sanitize and maintain fixtures, sinks, mirrors, toilets, urinals, floors, baseboards, walls, trash and stock/replenish consumables
Canteens/Break Areas – Clean, sanitize and maintain tables, counters, microwaves, trash receptacles, floors and stock/replenish consumables
Windows – Wash & clean including sills
Floors – Strip, wax, sweep, mop, vacuum
Walls/Baseboards – Wash/clean

Offices – Dust, vacuum, trash
Trash/Recycle – collect and dispose
Laundry (if applicable to account)
Lobbies/Other common areas
Production areas – Vacuum/scrub floors, strip & wax, wipe down walls, baseboards, railings

Collect Recyclables
Compact and Bundle
Relocate bundled recyclables for removal
Provide clean, unobstructed work/production areas
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